Our Products

At Farmer Robert’s, you will find a selection of locally produced food as well as organic products and other health conscious options.

Where we can, we will source locally but never at the expense of quality. Our commitment to non-GMO foods means that we still carefully select the products that we feel meet the commitment to food raised and grown in a healthy, sustainably manner.

By working with local farmers, producers and businesses, Farmer Robert’s is pleased to be the first store in the Yukon offering inspected local eggs and meat. We have Yukon’s first egg grading station right here in the store, allowing us to sell eggs from local farms.

During the summer months we have several local farms supplying fresh produce. You can also always find local specialty items such as coffee, teas, oils, honey, snacks, and personal care products, made right here in the Yukon.

In the winter months, it is difficult to source local produce, so as temperatures drop, our search for produce goes south. (That’s why you still might be able to find apples or oranges.) Rest assured that produce and fruit that is not local is always certified organic.

We also strive to be able to provide specialty food products that you may not find in the regular big-box grocery store. All are selected to meet the standards behind our philosophy that food should be sustainably produced, non-GMO, and in most cases, organic.