Canada is one of the largest agricultural producers and exporters in the world. These are some of the most popular blogs to read about agriculture in Canada.

Real Agriculture –

This blog is focused on the issues that are impacting agriculture in Canada. The site strives to give readers opinions on the issues that are not being talked about in the media and news outlets. Whether being a farmer or farmworker in the industry, readers will find interesting articles on the state of agriculture industries in Canada.

SAIFood –

Sustainable Agricultural Innovations and Food is a blog that is dedicated to informing its readers on current news, events, scientific insights, and publications on sustainability. The blog was created by the Agri-Food Innovations Chair at the University of Saskatchewan, Dr. Stuart Smyth, and his research team.

Canadas Farmers –

Canadas Farmers was first introduced in 2012 and is a program aimed at strengthening rural communities by providing non-profit organizations with funds to carry out community work for communities in need. The aim is for farmers to provide help to communities in need.

The Canadas Farmers blog provides information on various elements of the program and farming in Canada.

CropLife –

CropLife Canada represents the Canadian manufacturers, developers, and distributors of pest control and modern plant breeding products. Their blog focuses on all the latest happenings in pest control for farmers’ crops. Their blog is updated frequently on how they provide tools to help farmers be more productive and sustainable.

Agriculture For Life –

This blog is dedicated to explaining the important factors about everyday foods and where it comes from. On this blog, you can read about many different topics of natural foods including recipes, myth insights, and how science and technology are advancing in the natural food industry and farming products.

Small Farm Canada –

Small Farm Canada is a magazine blog that promotes small-scale farming as a legitimate and viable business. They focus on many topics with small-scale farming and about how rich in possibility the sector is. Each issue of the magazine is edited in the head offices but the articles are written by writers in different regions of Canada.