Are Farmworkers Gambling More?

Whether workers in the agriculture occupation are more prone to gambling than others have been studied by some organizations. In this article, we have a look at some of these facts and opinions.

The number of calls that have been recorded to the farm crisis hotlines and helplines does not show that there are major problems, but farmers are more likely than average to be risk-takers.

At the University of Edinburgh, Joyce Willock and her team investigated gambling behavior and found that risk-taking behavior was associated with success in farming. Farmers go through many risks they need to take with trying new crops and buying a parcel of farmland which can contribute to both financial gain and loss.

With gambling now available online, many farmworkers are also taking part in online gambling. Gambling is a great way to pass time and can become a healthy hobby when knowing when to stop. Many online casinos have been providing many players with great winnings.

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Many people took risks back in the days of moving to the USA and Canada hoping to purchase land and become agriculture producers. Many downsides to farming risks are still active today. Besides possible injury from machines and fatalities, suicide has also become a major problem coming from the stress of risk-taking in farming.

In recent studies, it has shown that male farmworkers are mostly prone to high-risk stakes in poker and roulette and not slot games or bingo. This can also provide more losses and risk-taking.

Farmers can get help with gambling addiction whenever the need becomes apparent. Gamblers Anonymous offers 20 self-evaluation questions and informative articles on whether they need to seek help. The International Service Office of Gamblers Anonymous can also be contacted for more help.